About Constantinos Iliopoulos PHOTOGRAPHY

I was born in Athens, Greece in 1962 and I’m resident of this city. I have studied Economics at the University of Athens. During that time I also studied Music Harmony and Guitar at the Conservatory. As you can imagine, music was my first passion.

By profession I'm also CEO of a commercial company which I founded in the mid 80's.

Although taking photographs from the late 70's, my relationship with photography changed dramatically after a trip in Japan in the mid 90's, when I bought my first SLR, Canon EOS 100.

Since then, I became more demanding from my shooting, my interest in photography grew and very soon I realised that it was the second great passion in my life.

The following years found me to spend a lot of time for experiments, while traveling the world I took great pictures with that camera and Velvia 50.

I soon passed over the point of no return and I decided to become a professional photographer. I upgraded my equipment (with CANON always), I left everything else in the shadow of photography and here we are.

The road is difficult especially these days, but as I made it clear, this is a passion – I can’t help it.


Besides photography and music I’m great fan of slalom water ski.

Additionally, I have so many other interests like traveling, movies, computers, reading etc. but my doctor insists that I have also to sleep a few hours per day.

Photographer's philosophy

Why am I doing this?

I could say very simply, that I’m doing it because I’m crazy about it.

But I believe that you are waiting something more philosophical here. Am I right?

Ok. There are mainly two reasons.

First of all I feel quite creative and secondly I need to work on something beautiful.

 Why did I choose photography?

Well, I don’t know if I have any talents but I can only create something decent in music and photography.

 Why am I shooting mostly Greek themes?

That simply happens because I’m Greek.

No! No! Just kidding.

I believe that the theme for a successful photograph has to be interesting and not just beautiful.

From this point of view, Greece is objectively a spectacular country with so many interesting landscapes and monuments with great history.

But I suppose that you already know this.

Furthermore, I'll be very proud if I can promote my country by presenting all of these treasures.


It’s true that I could stick to this monologue for much longer but I’m afraid that the passion of writing will be added to my already extended personal collection.

So, that’s enough with philosophy.

I hope that you enjoy my photos and if you do please let me know. It will give me motivation to spend more hours with photography chasing better photos which is my biggest goal.